Galactic Power Standing – Week 21

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This week there are no visible changes in the galactic political rating. Sirius Corp. and Senator Torval were able to get out of turmoil, while other powers had more issues within their borders to deal with. This is a reasonable explanation to the fact, that the total undermining activity went down noticeable compared to the last weeks.

Late in this cycle of measurement, the former Sirius system called AF Leporis got into focus as Emperor Lavigny-Duval and President Hudson both started a campaign battle to convince the local leadership of joining them. With an extremly close result, the well-located system decided to give the new leader of the Empire a chance to win the hearts of the population. Li-Yong Rui, who wasn’t happy about losing control of AF Leporis, eventually gave his consent to his imperial ally.

Here’s the full standing of this week:

Alliance Statistics Census – Oct. 3301

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The Alliance Office of Statistics is conducting a census of the Mahon support base. If you could kindly fill out this questionnaire it would be immensely helpful. Also did we mention there are 4 EGX codes (decals) being given away for completing the survey?!

The following rules apply to be eligible for the drawing (anyone can answer the survey):

1) You must be pledged to Mahon (we will come meet winners in game to confirm).

2) The survey should be answered to the best of your ability (fraudulent entries will be disqualified).

3) The organizers (mods of Mahon TS and/or Reddit) are disqualified.

The survey ends Friday 10/23 23:59 UTC.

Winners will be announced the next day (pending confirmations, alternates may be drawn at a later time).

Here is the link (survey takes approx 1-2 min):

Alliance Office of Statistics,


Source: reddit

Greetings from Perez Ring!

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Greetings Commanders!

I’m Captain Kirby, pilot of the Alliance, pledge of Edmund Mahon, and member of The Allies [Aid], stationed on Perez Ring. But this is not about me, this is about the Alliance of Independent Systems. So if you like freedom, justice and all that stuff, you’re probably quite right here.

Today I’d like to introduce to you my new project: The Horizon Times. This website has not the ambition to supersede the Galnet, or to be the center of Alliance activities and organisation. We already have a great community on the Mahon subreddit and some great tools and guides to keep everything running. The Horizon Times rather aims to provide the most important Alliance related news and informations in a pleasant format, short and clear.

To be able to accomplish this goal, it’s of course necessary to get content and feedback from you, the people that eventually constitute the Alliance. So if you want something to be published, please let me know. You can contact me on reddit, ingame (Captain_Kirby [Aid]), or on either the Alliance (password: mahonnaise) or the teamspeak server.

So long, guys. Fly safe – and fly free!

Captain Kirby